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Bearish continuation candlestick patterns

• Falling 3 methods

This is a bearish continuation pattern indicating a pause in the trend, not a reversal. To distinguish this pattern you will have to notice a long bearish Japanese candlestick during a downtrend followed by small bodies that look like a short-term corrective uptrend. Some of these small bodies could be bearish, although it’s best if all are bullish. These bodies should all stay within the range of the first session’s bearish candlestick. At the end, you will see a long bearish candlestick indicating that seller have regained total control and shall dominate the market again.

Falling 3 methods

As always, it’s not a bad idea to wait for a confirmation even though this is a high-probability candlestick pattern. You can confirm it by seeing a bearish candlestick with a lower close.